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Stop Erosion Now with Silt Socks

At Kansas City Silt Sock we produce an environmentally friendly and cost-effective tool to meet many of your erosion control needs in many different environmental applications. 

Our Happy Clients!

"Silt socks have been an incredible solution for controlling waste in our drainage system. They are easy to install and have significantly reduced waste buildup. Highly recommended!"
Jason Martin
"Since we started using silt socks, we've noticed a remarkable improvement in the cleanliness of our pipes. They efficiently capture debris and are very durable. Definitely worth the investment!"
Barbara Smith
"These silt socks have transformed our waste management. They are extremely effective and require minimal maintenance. Water quality has improved significantly thanks to them. Excellent product!"
Mark Sommers

Our 8-inch Silt Sock 8-inch Silt Sock Pallet

$ 190 00
per pallet, $.95 LF
  • 200 Linear Feet (Two 100’ lengths) Silt Sock
  • 20 hardwood stakes. Each stake is 24” long

Our 12-inch Silt Sock 12-inch Silt Sock Pallet

$ 165 00
per pallet, $1.50 LF
  • 110 Linear Feet Continuous Silt Sock
  • 11 hardwood stakes. Each Stake is 24” long

Why Choose Us Why Choose Us

Here are the top reasons that you should choose us

Ease of Installation

Silt sock is set in place and anchored with hardwood stakes. There is no need to bring in specialized equipment and installation crews to trench and install silt fence products that often fail anyway. Installation of our products is straightforward and simple to accomplish.

Lowest Cost

KC Silt Sock makes our sock out of 100% recycled wood fiber filter media right here in the heart of the Midwest. Chances are high that we will beat your current supplier’s price. Silt Sock is less expensive than straw wattle as well as silt fence when you factor in the labor cost of the installed silt fence.

Easy Maintenance

Our Silt Sock is designed to permit waterflow through the polypropylene woven netting and the organic filter media, which is the strongest on the market. Once you set the sock down it conforms to and adheres to the ground below tight enough to prevent water from flowing underneath.

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Let's stop erosion right in its tracks!
Sediment Control

Keep all your sediment together in the same place.

Construction Control

Don't let sediment run wild during your construction.


Call us for expert advice on how to keep erosion at bay!

Stop Erosion

Stop letting natural forces impact your landscape.

Perfect Landscape

Preserve your landscape in the same pristine condition.

Certified Experts

Know that you are working with the absolute best.

Silt Socks Installed
Happy Customers
Erosion Disasters Avoided
Dollars of Damage Saved
Let's Get Erosion Under Control!

Questions & Answers

Here are some of the common questions people ask about our services. 

Erosion can be a serious problem in both home landscaping and during constuction projects. To counter this, having sock silt pallets will go a long way towards stopping erosion. KC Silt Sock are experts in erosion management and can help you avoid having unecessary problems in your landscaping. 

Here at KC Silt Sock, we offer complete customer satisfaction on our products. If it is determined that one of our products is defective, we will do whatever necessary to remedy the situation and keep our clients satisfied. 

Depending on whether or not you are doing installation yourself, the process is normally very simple and can be done within a few hours. Of course, larger projects are subject to longer setup times. 

Ready to Stop Erosion?

If you want to get in touch with one of our certified experts, click the link below to schedule a time to talk and get a free quote. 

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