Silt Fence vs Silt Sock

You could pay more in labor installing a silt fence...

... But Why?

Let’s face it, silt fences fail at an alarmingly high rate.  If you are in construction, you have undoubtedly seen hundreds, if not thousands of bad silt fence installations in your career. If you are serious about erosion control and want to save on install labor and maintenance, it is time to start using KC Silt Sock’s Compost Filter Sock.

What is a Filter Sock Filter Sock ?

The filter sock was developed as an alternative to silt fence and has several advantages over silt fence. First, filter sock filter sediment from stormwater runoff much faster than silt fence, reducing standing water on construction sites. Filter socks also restrict the flow of storm water, allowing for deposition to occur. Additionally, the installation of filter socks is less labor intensive than a silt fence as it does not require trenching. Therefore, it can be placed directly on the ground or pavement. A 12” diameter filter sock will replace silt fence in most applications.

Why Choose a Filter Sock?

Here are the top reasons you should choose a KC Filter Sock as opposed to a filter fence. 

Save on Labor

With a Silt Sock, there is no need to disrupt even more ground by digging a 12” trench around your job site to install a fence and back fill. No specialized equipment is required and no need to back fill a trench after installing the silt sock


What looks better on your job site? If you get a KC filter sock, you can be sure that the job site won't have an eyesore sitting around your jobsite. Instead, it will be a good addition to it, and will not

Clean Up

When removing filter sock from a project site the contents of the filter sock can be emptied onto the ground and leveled to match the surrounding grade then over seeded. No back filling trenches or settling to contend with.


KC Silt Sock’s Compost Filter Sock can often be used more than once adding even more to your bottom line.

Silt Socks Installed
Happy Customers
Erosion Disasters Avoided
Dollars of Damage Saved

Properly installed compost filled filter sock will minimize sediment-laden discharges and protect local streams and infrastructure better than silt fence every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

Examples of Silt Fences (and why they fail!)

Although it may seem suitable to get a silt fence instead of a silt sock, they have one main problem: they collapse and fail! If you get a silt fence, you are only one inclement weather storm away from an extreme problem such as the ones seen below:

Ready to Stop Erosion in its Tracks?

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